Общая ошибка
Общая ошибка
Could not optain topics data


SQL Error : 3 Error writing file '/tmp/MYNq6Lzl' (Errcode: 28 - No space left on device)

SELECT t.topic_id, t.topic_title, pt.post_text FROM phpbb_topics t INNER JOIN my_posts_countries ON my_posts_countries.topic_id=t.topic_id INNER JOIN phpbb_posts p ON p.topic_id=t.topic_id INNER JOIN phpbb_posts_text pt ON pt.post_id=p.post_id WHERE t.forum_id=9 AND t.topic_id<158924 AND t.topic_status=0 AND country_id=153 AND p.post_id=t.topic_first_post_id AND p.post_flagged <> 1 ORDER BY md5(158924+t.topic_id) LIMIT 3

Line : 536
File : common.php
Часовой пояс: GMT + 4

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